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I've Been Frickin' Memed

Simple PleasuresFrick on a stick, I’ve been memed by Breanne (@minxsy on twitter)! So now I have to blog about the 6th photo from the 6th page of my Flickr. This is a good one. It’s one of my 365 photos and was also part of my Black and White Week project. This was actually a very significant day for me personally, but I really can’t get into that. Basically, my day was crappy, but someone special made me feel better at the end of the night.

Ok, so I guess I should thank Breanne for making me look back on this wonderful day. Wow. Behold the power of meme. It may be a force of good. You should follow @minxsy. She is awesome.

Time to choose my victims. Hopefully, they’ll play along because I’m not taking any responsibility for what may happen if they don’t. I guess I’ll choose people I know that might actually be up for it. I’m choosing Daynah (@daynah) and Maddy (@fairybabe). Good luck. If anyone else wants to jump in, feel free. Leave your blog post in my comments in you do.

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