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Things I've Learned In 2008

2008 is coming to an end fast. It is always a good time to reflect on the year. Here is the short list of the top things I have learned over this year. These are mostly personal so may not apply to anyone else but me. Not sure if this is in order or anything.

  • I really love photography This may sound weird because I have been, in one way or another, taking photos since I was young. I have always liked photography, but this year, I really dove into it and learned so much especially from my 365 project. There was also several incidents that made me realized how photography has became such a big part of my life.
  • Once you go Mac I have been a Mac user for many years, but I have not personally owned an Apple computer since my Apple IIe from my childhood. This year, I finally purchased a MacBook Pro and I can’t see myself buying another PC (Windows box). This is saying a lot since I have been putting together PC’s for myself and other since I was in grade school so I know them very well. But I know this because I have a killer PC desktop right now, but I rarely ever use it.
  • Baking is fun I have been cooking since I was a child, but I never really got into cooking. I don’t really know why. I just didn’t. This year, I decided to try it out. I start with something simple, mini-financiers au miel. That was a huge success so I tried something more difficult. I tried baking a chocolate and zucchini cake (photos). It was excellent. And just recently, I baked my first batch of cookies and cupcakes. I made some chocolate chip cookies and top-to-bottom crumb cupcakes.
  • Twitter is indispensable I joined twitter late November of 2007 and at first I didn’t really understand it. Flash forward to end of 2008 and I feel deficient and uninformed without it. The community is strong. I’ve met so many intelligent, funny, resourceful people on there. It’s open so you can connect it to almost anything. I can’t describe how powerful twitter is here without writing out a few paragraphs. I may have to write up a full post on it on a later date.

I have learned a lot more this year, but those are the ones that really stick out. I would encourage all of you to think about what you have learned too.



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