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Things I Want As of Today

I decided to make a quick list of things I want to get right now. Not to say I’m getting all or any of these, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

Canon 5D Mk II Okay. This one is obvious. I’ve been talking this one up for a while. I will place my order soon. Reasons why I want it: ready to upgrade from my old Rebel XT, I want a full frame camera, I want the new sensor, and I want to play with video.
Canon 5D Mk II
One of my favorite videos from it so far.

Lensbaby Composer I’ve been wanting a Lensbaby for a long time now. Never got around to getting one. I really like the new model, the Composer. It looks more solid. I can do a lot of damage with this.
Lensbaby Composer

Gorillapod Focus I have a regular Gorillapod right now that works great with my lighter lenses, but it does not work so well when I have a heavier lens or if I have my speedlite on it.
Gorillapod Focus

DroboShare I have a Drobo already and I love it. It backs up and protects my data very easily. Now I want to put my Drobo onto my network. So much I can do with that.

A new zoom lens I don’t know which one yet, but I want a new one for when get the 5D. I want one with a wide aperture like 2.8. Still thinking about that one.

I think that’s it. I just thought I’d make this list so that I can refer back to it later.



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