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Back From A Weekend In Chicago

IMG_20090524_4969.jpgThis weekend I went to Chicago with my family for Memorial weekend. It was much like our other trips to the area. A few events stuck out of the norm. We arrived Saturday afternoon. We tried to make a trip to Hot Doug’s to try out some of their famous hotdogs. We got there late and the line was still super long. We decided not to wait. Upon leaving and heading to the hotel, we got a minor car accident. My sister’s car was hit from behind by an 80’s Benz. It was not a good start to the trip.

Saturday night, we decided to go to Rossini’s for dinner. It was my favorite Italian restaurant and we would go there every time we visited the area. This time, however, the food was not great. I was really sad. I am not sure I can go back. I think they may have changed chefs. The taste was just way off. Now I have to look for a new favorite Italian restaurant.

On Sunday afternoon, we made a trip to Chinatown. This is also another thing we do each time. This is always fun. Dim sum was definitely involved. At night, we decided to check out this Japanese restaurant we found in the phonebook. When we drove there, it looked really dead and figured we should go elsewhere. My sister, her husband and I all took out our phones (two iPhones and my G1) and searched for new options. It was a total geekfest. We ended up finding another Japanese restaurant nearby called Daruma. I am so glad that the first restaurant looked so suspect because Daruma was amazing. Everything was delicious. I highly recommend it.

Monday was when we made our way back to Minnesota. We first stopped at Mitsuwa, a Japanese super market, to pick up some food and random things.

All in all, it was a good trip. I took a lot of photos. I am slowly uploading them to my Flickr. I already have day one up in a Chicago 2009 set.



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