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What Les Paul Meant To Me

There Goes A LegendLes Paul passed away today. I can’t even begin to state how important he was to the history of the electric guitar. Not only was he the one who made the solid-body guitar the way we know it today.

Besides being an inventor and innovator of the guitar world, he also invented the Gibson Les Paul line of guitars which happens to be my favorite kind of guitars. This guitar I’m holding is Josie. My first guitar was a cheap, old guitar I bought off my cousin. Josie was my second guitar, the one that I really wanted and saved up for. Took me forever to come up with the money for it but I still remember the very first day I got it and the moment that I plugged it into my amp. I was in love. Not all guitars are made the same. I love all my guitars, but Les Paul guitars are little more special to me.

Rest in peace, Les Paul and then rock on wherever you are.



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