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SettingsDon’t miss the first ever OMGLGWATPAS. “What’s that?”, you say. It stands for “OMG, let’s go walk and take photos and stuff”. Maybe it won’t be the final name. Basically, I’m organizing a photowalk for next weekend (August 14th or 15th) here in the Twin Cities. The final date is still up for voting. It’ll be a super casual and unstructured. I literally just want to hang with some photographers and take some photos. All you need is a camera. I’m not organizing a photowalk for pros being that I’m not one so bring your DSLRs, your point and shoots, your film cameras, or your camera phone. All are welcome. Heck, if you wanted to just sketchwalk with me, that is fine too. It will probably be a small group. It will be late afternoon on either Saturday or Sunday. Location is also up for voting. We will be shooting until we feel like stopping. Like I said, super casual.

Leave a comment here if you are interested in joining me. Make sure you tell me which afternoon you’re voting for and if you have a location to suggest. I would like to lock down a time and location by the middle of this week so that people can plan for it. If you don’t want to comment here, you can find me on twitter at @JavaJunky.

Update (Aug 10): So with all the crazy storming this week, I think I’m going to set a solid time for Sunday at 4pm since it may rain on Saturday. I’m still taking votes on location. I have one general vote for Saint Paul. I’m going to toss out some possibilities: Downtown Saint Paul, Minnehaha Falls, Uptown, U of M West Bank. Feel free to add your suggestions. Vote here or reply to me on twitter(@JavaJunky).

**Update (Aug 13): **I decided to make Downtown Saint Paul the location for the photowalk. We can meetup in Mears Park in Lowertown. If you can’t meet at 4pm, contact me ahead of time so I can give you my number so you can join up later. You can email me at wil@wastedcontinuum.com or on twitter as @JavaJunky.

Meeting Details

Mears Park in Downtown Saint Paul (map)
4pm Sunday, August 15th, 2010



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