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Thanksgiving 2010: Done

Thanksgiving Dinner 2010Another Thanksgiving dinner has passed. I’m stuffed beyond belief. I cooked for my family as usual. If you have not attempted to cook a large dinner before, I have a few tips for you. These don’t have to be applied to just big holiday dinners. First things first, figure out your menu early. When you’re deciding on your menu, you have to take into account several key factors: total cooking time, equipment restrictions and serving sizes.

Timing is important. If you’re roasting a turkey, remember that it takes hours and every turkey requires a different amount of time to be done right. Start early. Make sure you read through your recipes thoroughly. You don’t want to delay dinner because you didn’t read that your dish has to cool for an hour.

Make sure you don’t pick recipes that all require the oven when you only have the one. If you do, make sure you can plan out when each dish can use the oven. Make sure you have enough spots on your stove top if you’re cooking multiple dishes at once.

Most recipes you find in books or online have a serving size. When you are cooking for a big group, make sure you scale everything up properly. I personally tend to cook too much during the holidays. I think I inherited this trait from my mom. It’s not so bad during Thanksgiving since leftovers are amazing. I always say, it’s better to have too much food than too little.

One last tip I should mention is to prep any food when you can while your turkey is roasting. Since the turkey takes such a long time, you can use this to your advantage and do things like wash the vegetables or dice the onions or snap the green beans or measure out some ingredients. You get the idea. Do anything you can before cook time.

I hope this helps and I hope you all had good food today. I posted my Thanksgiving photos on my Flickr account.



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