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Still Haven't Been To Rollerderby?

MN Rollergirls - Nov 20, 2010So you haven’t been to a Rollerderby game before. You have friends that keep telling you that you’re missing out. The “cool” intern at your office is always talking about it the Monday after the bout, going on about the hits and how these girls kicked ass. You watched an awkward Ellen Page become a rollergirl in Whip It. Well, I’m going to tell you why you should finally get to a game. I’m going to keep it simple.

First off, it’s action packed. There are heavy hits and fast skating. This is not to say it’s all about the action. There is a lot of strategy that goes into the game if you want to win. And of course, staying out of the penalty box is certainly advantageous.

Second, it is fun for all. When I say all, I’m saying your little kids will love it and so will the grandparents. The kids can get a bruised eye painted on them. Everyone will enjoy the pre-game shows that range from juggling to martial arts demonstrations to dancing. During the half time, you can head onto the floor and listen to the live band play or if you’re feeling it, dance your heart out.

Lastly, Rollerderby is a sport that is really centered around the love of the game and having fun. Watch one bout and you can see clearly that every girl on the track is there because they love it. I guarantee you that watching them play, cheering for them, you will feel it too. I’ve introduced a good lot of people to Rollerderby since I’ve been attending for several years now. I can tell you for a fact that everyone who has attended a game, loves it by the end of the night. Saturday night, January 22nd, is the Minnesota RollerGirls Season Championship game. There are no excuses left not to go. The energy will be high, the crowd will be roaring, and the girls will be bringing their A-game. So head on over to the MN Rollergirls website to get details on the game. I will be there wearing red. That’s just me. If you’re on twitter, tweet me and say hi.

One last note: I know I’m writing about the Minnesota Rollergirls here, but practically everything I said applies to the Rollerderby in general. For all of you who aren’t living in the currently arctic Minnesota, do yourself a favor and find a league around your city. Heck, if the closest bout is a couple hours drive away, round up a few friends for a road trip and make a night of it. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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