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New Bike Has Arrived

Giant XTC 29er 2

I finally got my bike today. I have been waiting about two weeks for it. I got a Giant XTC 29er 2. It was supposed to be a three day wait, but with the timing, the 2012 models were coming in and I got that instead of the previous model. I have to say, after only riding it for maybe twenty minutes, I love it. The 29 inch wheels make a significant difference when riding on rough terrain. It rolls over it like nothing. I went pretty easy on it tonight since I have not ridden in a few years. My last mountain bike was stolen from my garage. I think I will ride it a few times this week to get used to the gearing and then take it out onto some trails this weekend. After I get some solid miles on this ride, I may invest in a GoPro camera and shoot some trail rides. In the meantime, I uploaded a bunch of photos of it on my Flickr.



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