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Help Me Get My Face on a Billboard in Times Square

About.me ProfileToday, about.me announced a contest where the winner will have their face on a billboard in Times Square and I have entered my profile into the contest. I know there are already a few celebrities that want to win it so beating them will be extremely difficult. I’m still gunning for this though. How cool would it be for a regular geek like me to have my face plastered on a billboard? It’s a long shot, so I’m going to need a lot of help from you guys. If you would like to help me be the face of about.me, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. visit my profile at http://about.me/javajunky
  2. click on the “Vote for this profile!” button in the upper right corner of the screen

That’s it! Just one vote would be awesome. If you want to be a superfriend, you can vote once everyday. Even if you don’t wish to vote for me, feel free to check out my profile. It links to most of the stuff I do online.

If you don’t know of about.me, it is site that lets you create a profile page that links to all your content you share on the web. It is not a new concept and has been done before. However, the difference here is that about.me does it in style and with ease. Check out the directory to see what I am talking about. At the time that I am writing this, I am actually one of the featured profiles which is unbelievable to me, but I’ll take it. The order is random every time you visit the page, but I am in there. I’m really a fan of about.me so it would be extra cool to have my face on a Times Square billboard because of company like this.



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