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Making Through The Lights

This week, I purchased a GoPro Hero HD. I mentioned before that I wanted to get one to shoot some videos when I ride trails on my new bike. I am still thinking of a good way to set that up. There are so many options. In the meantime, I have been tested out the GoPro in various ways. I set up a quick time lapse at work which was interesting. Last night, I decided to do a time lapse of me driving from Saint Paul to Minneapolis and back.

What started out as a simple test, turned out to be a mini project. I started by loading up my image sequence into After Effects. From there, I started to do some color correction. It started to look a little cinematic. That made me want to put some music to it. Not wanting to throw some random song on a video that’s not even half a minute, I decided to record my own music for it. This led me to miking up my amp and putting down a couple tracks. After getting some music down, I did some minor edits to it and added it to my project. A little test that I never intended to even save evolved into a two to three hour project that I wanted to share.

Although it’s not a very polished project and I wish I did a lot of things differently, I am really happy with how it turned out. Check it out. I hope you enjoy it. I will produce more videos with my GoPro soon. Leave comments here or wherever you wish to view the video.



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