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Monster Dash 5K

Medal of Monster

This weekend I ran the Monster Dash 5K. It is a costumed race around Lake Harriet starting at the Bandshell. I ran it with my sister and her husband. It was my sister’s first race. She did great. I ran with an injured ankle, but I was still able to finish without furthering my injury. I will be taking this week off from running. I did not run my best time, but I did significantly better than my first race. I’m considering running the Turkey Day 5K again next month. I took a few photos from the day. Check them out on my Flickr.

By the way, I dressed up as Bruce Lee from Game of Death. If I had another two weeks to grow out my hair, I would have got the look down better. I got a few compliments. I guess that is good enough for me.

A Game of Death


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