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Starting Rate Friday Today

Today, in a newsletter by RealMac Software, I found out about Rate Friday (#ratefriday). Not sure why I have not noticed this until today, but basically, it is an initiative started by Luc Vandal to rate apps on Fridays and spread the word about it. As the App Store is getting flooded with weak and underwhelming apps, great apps, especially from independent developers, could really benefit from good reviews. Personally, I have been really bad at leaving ratings and reviews. I should know better, being a developer myself. So starting today, I’m going to jump on the #ratefriday train. I just gave 1Password a 5-star rating. I love that app and use it everyday. I suggest you go and rate one of your favorite apps today and spread the word. If you are one of the awesome people who bought my app, Doodle That!, a rating would be much appreciated.

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