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Goodbye, GTI

Ride or Die.
Ride or Die.

Last month, I had to say goodbye to my GTI. It was emotional. To most, my 2006 Volkswagen GTI was just a car, but to me, it was my first new car. It was also my first car that I picked out and paid for with my hard-earned money. I drove it for 130,660 miles through seven states in almost eleven years.

First day home – [Flickr]
First day home

I still remember the first time I drove it. Was it the fastest car out there? No, but it was a beast and I never felt out of control sitting behind that wheel. Above all, it was just exhilarating to drive.

I have a lot of memories attached to that car. When I started dating Elizabeth, before I moved to Wisconsin and married her, I drove my GTI four hours both ways almost every weekend to see her. Driving my car was a big part of the beginning of our relationship. We have taken many road trips in it, first as a couple and then as a family. I put many miles on it. Several thousand of them were to get me here in Wisconsin.

Hello, Traverse
Hello, Traverse

I can probably write for days about my GTI, but I won’t. We had our adventures, but now it is time to start new ones. We bought a 2017 Chevy Traverse to “replace” my car. It’s fun to drive in a different way. Plus, it can seat eight. Road trips will undoubtedly be more comfortable.



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