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Dan Auerbach Announces New Side Project: The Arcs

Yesterday, Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys announced his new side project, The Arcs. The band is made up of Auerbach’s musician friends Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon and Kenny Vaughan will be releasing their debut album, Yours Dreamily, on September 4th. Judging by their single, “Stay In My Corner”, it will be great album. I would expect nothing less from Auerbach.


Web Finds for May 17, 2015

This site generates a .gitignore file with common files, folders, and patterns based on the type of project you are working on. For example, you can enter Bower and CodeKit, and it will generate your .gitignore file that has the patterns you would likely want to ignore.
A JavaScript library lets you add keyboard invoked Easter eggs on your site. Every website can now incorporate the Konami Code.
An alternative to jQuery. I haven’t used this yet only because I forgot about it. I will definitely try this out. I hope the performance is close to what it claims. It does not have all the functions that jQuery does, but at first glance, it looks like it has a lot of what I use most.
Curate, free-to-use, space photography. It looks like most of them are from NASA.
Visualize SASS color functions in real time. I have not really used these functions, but this looks interesting.

Web Finds April 21, 2015

Google Web Fonts Typographic Project
I like sites like this one that show you practical ways of using type. This one is pairing Google Fonts.
jQuery Toast Plugin
Show simple toast messages with jQuery. There are a lot of demos. I can see using this in my work.
Javascript library that allows HTML5’s <audio> tag to be used anywhere.
Call to Idea
Showcases design ideas for different web or app elements.
Great guide extension for Photoshop. I have been using it for weeks.

Record Store Day Buys

Record Store Day 2015 Last Saturday was Record Store Day 2015. This year I went to The Exclusive Company in Appleton, Wisconsin. I picked up three albums: A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1 by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Get Behind Me Satan by the White Stripes, and Picaresque by The Decemberists. I am happy with all three purchases.


Web Finds April 3, 2015

A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.
Share and discover the best programming tutorials and courses online.
Color Safe
Great site to generate proper text and background contrast ratios.
Calculate contrast between two colors for accessibility.
E.gg Timer
Simple timer for more than just eggs.

A Boy and a Cat

A Boy and a Cat Pilot G-Tec-C4 / Field Notes Northerly Edition

Just a couple of quick sketches from today.


Web Finds March 6, 2015

I have been researching sliders lately for work. I came across this one that seems to be solid.
This is a very clean lightbox gallery. It also support touch gestures.
A nice set of SVG icons ready to use.
Subtle Hover Effects
I really like how these look. Subtle is almost always better.
For those who don’t have a Gibson guitar equipped with a Min-ETune. This is on my wish list.
iOS Fonts
A good reference for what fonts are available in iOS to use. You can view which version of the platform a certain font was installed.

Zippo and CRKT

Zippo and CRKT Just a couple of things I carry with me. One should always carry a pocketknife. I use mine so many times throughout the day. This one is a CRKT Swindle. I also carry around this lighter sometimes. It is nearly not as useful, but I like it. Probably because I have a perfectly healthy intrigue of fire. It’s a plain matte gray Zippo lighter.


Web Finds for December 29, 2014

Update Your Footer
This is timely since 2014 is almost over. Update your footer’s copyright year to be dynamic.
I really don’t know how they do it, but their compression algorithm is amazing. I have been using it on a lot of projects lately.
This is a quick color theme generator. I like it because it is quick and the results are mostly good. It exports to PDF, CSS, SCSS, SVG or PNG.
Hacker Typer
This one is just hilarious. Now you can be just like the computer “hackers” you see on movies and TV shows.

Shopping Local

Don's Quality Market I have been driving passed this view for over a year now and haven’t taken a photo of it until now. I think I like lettering on the building.

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Animated Pie Chart With jQuery Knob

Animated Pie Chart I spent an afternoon rewriting some old code for an animated pie chart that is part of a web app I am updating. The previous code was written by a contractor who may have taken a quick route to completion. This made it very difficult to change it and also it was a few hundred lines too long. So I scrapped it and looked for a new solution. I ended up using jQuery Knob as the base and building on top of that. Since I couldn’t find anything quite what I was looking for, I decided to put it together myself and to make it a modular as I can. Basically, the pie chart has illustrates a percentage value and it’ll animate to that. I also have a colored label in the center that has a title, a tagline and the percentage updated as the pie chart is animated. With SCSS, I made it easier to customize the size, color, fonts, etc. It’s still a work in progress, but I decided put what I have on GitHub.

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Web Finds for November 13, 2014

Today’s Web Finds are things I have found that are immensely helpful in my blogging workflow. These are just the recent ones. I may put together a more detailed post about blogging with Jekyll.

Facebook Object Debugger
I use this to check my Open Graph meta data. It is comprehensive.
Twitter Card Validator
This is similar to the Facebook Object Debugger. It lets you preview your twitter summary card when you paste in a link. As someone running a website, you can set it up so that there is a title, summary and an image. If you want twitter to support cards with your website, you do have to set it up on twitter’s developer site.
Most of the things that Brett Terpstra does are a little over my head, all of which tend to increase productivity in a magical way. There are a few projects that anyone can make use of. SearchLink is one of them. I just started using it. It makes generating markdown links so simple and quick. It is definitely worth checking out.

Fountain Pen Day

Fountain Pen Day Happy Fountain Pen day! I don’t really have much to say about it beside how much I enjoy writing with fountain pens. I think I’m drawn towards the customization aspect of it. It’s the same with what I do with computers and guitars. I like to make it my own. I am relatively new to the fountain pen community even though I’ve been a pen/pencil lover for maybe over a decade. Today I inked up my Jinhao X450 with some Noodler’s Bernanke Blue. If you have any interest in getting into fountains, I have some links for you below. Also, if you have any questions or comments, post them below.

Be a Fountain Pen Nerd

The Pen Addict Podcast
It’s a podcast about pens, pencils and stationery. Sounds geeky and it is, but it will get you interested into fountain pens and pens in general.
The Pen Addict
This is the blog created by half of the Pen Addict podcast, Brad Dowdy. You’ll find a lot of info about fountain pens. You will also find a lot of resources for other fountain pen sites. There are a lot out there, but this is a good place to start.
Lamy Safari
I don’t have a definitive favorite fountain pen, at least not yet, but I do love the Lamy Safari and I use it regularly. I think it’s a solid fountain pen to start with.
Goulet Pens
There are a lot of places to purchase fountain pens, but I think one of the best places is Goulet Pens. They also have a great YouTube channel.

NaNoWriMo 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 It’s been a couple of years, but I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again. This year, I’m writing a novel about creating a startup company in the Midwest. The working title is Minimum Viable Person. I have a rough outline of the story in my head and hopefully I can let it out. I’m trying to keep it light and humorous. I am a little behind, but I will try to make up some of that this week.


Movember 2014

Movember 2014 This year, I am taking part in Movember. I’m not going to lie. My moustache will probably be the most unimpressive ever. I mostly go from a clean shave in the morning to scrub in the afternoon, but it basically stops at that point. Though I never tried to keep growing it out, I doubt it’ll get anymore than scrubby looking. However, that is not really the point of Movember. It’s about supporting men’s health. So if you can, support me, or someone else, or participate yourself.

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What is Movember?