Wasted Continuum
The space between…

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser

I can’t state how much I want to watch this movie now. The combination of Joss Whedon and James Spader making this film together is almost too incredible for me to believe.


Foo Fighters Sonic Highways

I am looking forward to watching Foo Fighters Sonic Highways TV series that’s premiering this Friday, October 17th, on HBO. It’ll be an eight episode series that circles around them recording an album in different studios in cities around the country. After watching Sound City, which I loved, I have high hopes for this show. I think Dave Grohl is just one of those people who lives music and is, in my opinion, a great story teller. Sonic Highways is going to worth watching for any music lover. The album with the same name is also coming soon on November 10th.


Web Finds for October 6, 2014

Markdown Quick Look Plugin
A plugin that lets you preview your Markdown files with Quick Look. It’s super helpful if you work with Markdown.
Beautiful transformable icons built for the web.
A small library for manipulating the favicon, in particular adding alert bubbles and changing images.
WOFF 2.0
A new web font compression format that averages a 30% gain over WOFF 1.0. At the time of writing this, only Chrome 36 and Opera 23 supports it. Hopefully, support will expand soon.
Real Favicon Generator
A very comprehensive favicon generator. I’ve used this a couple times now. It works great.

Frank Enters

Frank Enters TWSBI 580 / index card

Frank enters the room.


Jekyll is Live

If you are reading this, then my migration from WordPress to Jekyll has worked. There is still a list of things I wish to implement, but they can be rolled out slowly in the background. I wanted to get this live so I can start writing again. I think the move to Jekyll has reduced a lot of friction I had with WordPress. It is dead simple now to throw up an image and start typing to create a new post. I have had a lot of ideas to write about over the last few months. We shall see how quickly I can publish them now. I think I will write up a post about my process of building this blog in Jekyll and a little bit about the design process too.

What’s Next?

This my short list of functionalities that I’m planning on implementing next.

  • Pagination
  • Search
  • Analytics
  • Clean up tags and categories


Robot Gel ink / Frictionless Notecard

Quick sketch of a robot.


Web Finds for September 18, 2014

Emoji One
An open source project for emojis.
Please JS
A pleasing random color generator. I can definitely see using this to get some organic color variation on a site.
Preview fonts installed on your computer.
A collection of stock video loops. They are very well done.
Inline Anchor Styles
Some of these look slick.
A graphical activity monitor for terminal in node.js. I use this every once in a while.
Name that Color
This site helps you name your colors so that you don’t end up with “light_blue”, “lighter_blue”, “medium_light_blue”, etc.

Moving From WordPress to Jekyll

As much as I like and appreciate WordPress, there is no way for me not to see how bloated it has become over the years. It is definitely good to have all the conveniences that WordPress affords us, but all those extras are great for CMS’s and not a blog, which is why I chose to use it years ago. Over the last several months, I have been researching different options and most of them have lead me to static website generators. There are a bunch to choose from, but, ultimately, I think I will be moving to the most popular one, Jekyll. There are many benefits, especially with performance, to using a static website generator. The things that are drawing me to it are simplicity of creating content and the amount of control over customization. I have been testing out Jekyll for the last few weeks and it has not been disappointing. In fact, I am constantly finding new ways to improve my site.

Creating Content

Writing in Jekyll is so simple. It has a built in Markdown support. I’m using the kramdown version of it. There are other options. Almost all of the writing I have done in the last few years have been in markdown, so this is great. Everything is text-based and I have Sublime Text set up to create new posts/pages with keyboard shortcuts. I have a handful of other software that streamline my workflow, but I think I’ll write a separate post about that.


Jekyll uses Liquid as their templating system. I am still new to it, but it seems to be a solid language. Jekyll also has SCSS support which is great. I am very familiar with that styling language. With just those two features, I can really make my blog my own. On top of all that, Jekyll has a truly robust plugin system. Though I don’t know Ruby, I have been able to take existing plugins and modify them to work the way I want them to. There are so many more things you can do with Jekyll that I really don’t want to list them all out here. If you have a geeky streak, Jekyll is definitely worth checking out.


This is going to be the trickiest part. WordPress has so many pieces to it. There isn’t a simple way to move all my posts to Jekyll. I have tried the suggested method and the “Export to Jekyll” WordPress plugin, but they have not been great. The plugin helped me get all my posts converted to markdown with categories and tags intact, but I will need to clean them up, especially the posts with images. Also, it did not export out the comments. I’m still exploring my options with that. I will be hosting it myself instead of as a GitHub Page. As I am still in the designing stage, I am not worrying about that at the moment. I may just launch the site after I finish the design and just worry about comments and other details later. Having built so many WordPress sites over the years, I have no issue creating a backup of it and slowly merging all my content into Jekyll. I hope to get Wasted Continuum migrated within the next month. We will see.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This Wednesday, I was challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my good friend, Mon. Of course, I had to rise to the occasion. I shot this on my 5D3 at f4.0, 1/160 with my 24-105mm. I also set it at 60fps so that I could try to get a bit of slow motion effect at the end. Worked out alright.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Lamy Vista / Frictionless Capture Card

An odd drawing of Harry Potter.


A Crab Swimming to a Kitty

A crab swimming to a kitty Sharpie / Jawns notebook

Another doodle using Doodle That!


You Tell Me on Jawns Notebook

You Tell Me

Uniball Signo Micro 207 / Jawns Notebook

A quick doodle in my Jawns notebook. A simple pen to paper drawing. I’m currently using the Jawns notebook as my main carry. I might write a quick review about it. It’s very different from what I’m used to, Field Notes notebooks.


Web Finds for July 15, 2014

iTerm2 v2.0
This is my favorite terminal emulator. They just came out with a major update.
Product Hunt
Great site that curates interesting products. It’s constantly updated.
Showcase of iOS animations.
Another javascript transition library.
jQuery matchHeight
A jQuery library that makes all the height of your selected elements equal.
Single Element CSS Spinners
I like that they are single elements.
A page load progress bar.

Capn Merica

Capn Merica

Palomino Blackwing 602, Sharpie, marker, gel ink / Blue paper

Gool ol’ Captain America.




Sharpies, markers / Field Notes

A different side to Yoshi.